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[CSGO] - 1v1 Bug Reports

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Posted  Edited by OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan

every url short cut command leads to the 1v1 motd atm.

and there was a recent motd cvar change.


just an update the url short cuts seem to be pulling up whatever you pulled up first depends on what url shortcut you use first.


just going to give an update on this issue webshortcut urls now do not function at all atm. 

so whatever was changed for a "fix" is not a fix but rather a step backwards.


just a quick update ya upon using the command !rules this is what pops up on the server n8_unX9tRgCEP72D0uNldg.png


just an update on this issue we are back to the first area that it was broken so ya you can open up the webshortcut url but it will keep redirecting you to the first one you opened meaning what ever webshortcut url you use first that is the one that it will keep trying to open.



just an update on this issue it is back to it's first issue where it stays on what ever you open up first example if you type !signup then type !admins it will show up as if you are trying to reach the member application and not the admin list.


an update on the webshortcut urls the commands are back to doing nothing at all.


this bug has been resolved ty for fixing the webshortcuturls plugin.

Edited by OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan

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Posted  Edited by i have had it up to here

so where is the call admin feed going atm? because it is not entering shoutbox...


I tested it as I noticed someone else attempting to use it with a lack of any result, from it, the person was not in any form bad from what I have gathered over time and do not even see this person coming close to butting heads with anyone as he keeps to himself almost all the time, so block list I do not feel is possible.


anyways have pics as needed





can I ask why there is no versions aka a change number to go off of at all?


for those fuck faces that want a TL:DR call admin for 1v1 does not work.



just an update due to recent events as of 2/25/2018 at around 5:30 est this plugin still seems to have a lack of any feed outputting somewhere 




Edited by i have had it up to here

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Posted  Edited by gibing_da_news_while_high

after being in the EU 1v1 for a very short time, I found a huge issue.

look at the plugins here.

] sm plugins
 "SMAC Command Monitor" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "Basic Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "CS:GO Skins Chooser" (1.2.3) by Root
 "GFL-ServerAds" (1.0.0) by Christian Deacon (Roy)
 "Updater" (1.2.2) by GoD-Tony
 "SourceBans: Admin Config Loader" ((SB++) 1.5.5-dev) by AlliedModders LLC, Sarabveer(VEER™)
 "GFL-Core" (1.0.0) by Christian Deacon (Roy) and Ariistuujj
 "Very Basic Player Tracker" (1.6) by msleeper
 "GFL-ServerHop" (1.0.0) by Christian Deacon (Roy) and [GRAVE] rig0r
 "[GFL] MOTD Links" (1.0.3) by Roy (Christian Deacon) and Peace-Maker
To see more, type "sm plugins 11"
] sm plugins 22
 "Fun Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "Hive365 Player" (4.0.2) by Hive365.co.uk
 "CSGO items" (28.06.2014) by Bacardi
 "Fun Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "SMAC CS Anti-Smoke" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "SMAC Rcon Locker [Edited By Roy]" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "Download Table Statistics" (1.1) by Berni
 "GflSpec" (1.0) by [GFL] Infantry
 "Anti-Micspam" (1.3) by ThanoslBsl - Bor3dGaming.com - FLOOR_MASTER
 "AFK Manager" (3.5.3) by Rothgar
 "The Void" (0.4) by SM9 (xCoderx) - FragDeluxe.com
To see more, type "sm plugins 33"
] sm plugins 33
 "SMAC ESEA Global Banlist" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "[ANY] Ban Disconnected Player" (2.0) by Headline, Original Plugin : mad_hamster
 "SourceMod Anti-Cheat" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "Admin Help" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "Player Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "SMAC EAC Global Banlist" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "[ANY] Donor Menu" (1.3) by SarabveerVEER
 "FragDeluxe Core" (1.0) by SM9
 "Unlock Cvars" (0.1) by SM9
 "ExtendedComm" (3.0.8b) by Twisted|Panda
 "Fixed Hitreg" (0.1) by SM9
To see more, type "sm plugins 44"
] sm plugins 44
 "Anti Bunny Hop" (1.0.1) by Mister_Magotchi
 "TOGs Jump Stats v1.8 - No Menu" (1.8.2.nm) by That One Guy
 "Map Nominations Extended" (1.10.0) by Powerlord and AlliedModders LLC
 "HLstatsX CE Ingame Plugin" (1.6.19) by psychonic
 "[CSGO] Team Limit Bypass" (1.1) by Zephyrus
 "replacesm.smx" replacesm.smx
 "Client Preferences" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "Smoke/Radar Bug Fix" (1.2.0) by mukunda
 "SourceBans Checker" (SB-1.5.2F-dev) by psychonic & Ca$h Munny, Sarabveer(VEER™)
 "SMAC CS Exploit Fixes" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "SMAC KAC Global Banlist" ( by SMAC Development Team
To see more, type "sm plugins 55"
Communications with routing cluster 'sha' established.
Queued Material System: DISABLED!
Queued Material System: ENABLED!
] sm plugins 55
 "SMAC AutoTrigger Detector" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "MapChooser Extended" (1.10.2) by Powerlord, Zuko, and AlliedModders LLC
 "Basic Chat" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "TOGs Chat Tags" (4.1.2) by That One Guy
 "Connect Announce" (1.0) by SM9
 "SMAC ConVar Checker" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "Admin File Reader" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "Rock The Vote Extended" (1.10.0) by Powerlord and AlliedModders LLC
 "SMAC Client Protection" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "SMAC Anti-Speedhack" ( by SMAC Development Team
 "Sound Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
To see more, type "sm plugins 66"
] sm plugins 66
 "Infantry's Base Chat" (1.0) by Infantry
 "Auto Clock Correction" (0.1) by SM9
 "Spawns Map Check [SMC]" (1.0.0) by Roy (Christian Deacon)
 "Basic Comm Control" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "Admin Menu" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "SM warn" (1.2.0) by ecca
 "enablemotd.smx" enablemotd.smx
 "Reserved Slots" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "Web Shortcuts CS:GO version" (2.4-GFLv2) by Franc1sco franug and James "sslice" Gray
 "TOG Extended Admin" (1.0) by That One Guy
 "Anti-Flood" ( by AlliedModders LLC
To see more, type "sm plugins 77"
] sm plugins 77
 "Basic Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
 "Slow Hop" (0.2-lm) by LumiStance
 "TOG Admin Logging" (1.5) by That One Guy


which one are we using for the 1v1 game mode plugin?

the rank command


does not work as with others

have some video of input and output being depicted with some commands.

also don't forget have this 


also have this 



have a server I never complained about, take care...


what can people do with no info on anything? only time will tell.

Edited by gibing_da_news_while_high

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29 minutes ago, GR1FF1N said:

So what is the actual problem? Considering 1v1 wouldnt work without a 1v1 plugin...


try and go on the EU server and find the 1v1 plugin, it's not there, and the servers does not work... smh

random spawns in randoms arenas I faced a p2k with a knife it was great.

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Not sure if you still use ads, I've never seen them (but cl_disablehtmlmotd and panorama). Just thought I should tell you `sm_disableads` doesn't check VIP status properly.


Commands run

`sm_cookies GFL-DisableAds`


Visit my github if you love self promotion.


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