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Introduction for Unzo

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My name is Unzo My real name is Omar i Live in Egypt, Cairo


Im 12 years old, yup young but not annoying atleast


I only play CS:GO At the moment as i don't have anything else to play


I found the Jailbreak server when i was looking for 1 since recently the server i used to play on got shutdown cause everyone stopped playing on it i found this server really cool and fun, and i play it in my freetime when im bored


Also, My cat gave birth to 3 Kittys i don't know the Genders yet but feel free to suggest names as i don't know what to name them


Im still getting used to the server rules at the moment, So don't expect me to know everyone on the server

Im on the jailbreak server everyday so its easy to find me


Thanks for Reading My Introduction!



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hi welcome to GFL you should apply for member here if you ever wanna play with someone feel free to ask im not that good at csgo though i usually play gmod jailbreak and other gfl gmod servers XD 

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