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As some of you know I like to write a lot, and even though I'm just a forgettable blip in the history of GFL and probably don't deserve a stupidly long speech, I'm still making one. Please note that this is somewhat personal so a majority of the community probably won't know half of what I'm talking about. Also, if there are any questions you would like to ask that are relevant, please go ahead.

To a majority this may come as a saving grace or whatever given that my reputation isn't the best of the best on the server I'm admin on, and others this might be mildly upsetting since I've made a few close friends in the past year. This isn't a 'goodbye' to the entirety GFL necessarily but as of this post I'm handing in my position as an admin on GFL Zombie Survival, and won't be on the server as often or at all. As for my reasoning for resigning, it's mostly a disinterest in the gamemode, mixed with the ilk of personal business and subtle dissatisfaction with how things were going. I most likely won't be sticking around on any GFL servers as a regular, being a member of a gaming community was never really my niche in the first place.


Despite that, fun was definitely had in the long run, and I met some of my closest friends on the crazy cancerous but occasionally golden server/micro-community I was a part of; Gmod Zombie Survival. My malice towards the fastie/propkill tryhards, the good, bad and the ugly admin applications, the Ms Shad0w/Frisk(aka Vivian)/Herbert drama, the sub-par but ironically amusing roasts.. It would be fairly difficult to catalogue every experience. With the silliness there was also some turmoil like the death of Scoobers, the keyboard war that was Dinky's application, the Player Drout of May - June 2017, and the recent miscommunication from the manager(s???). Nonetheless, the vast majority of being on here held a lot of hilarity, and even taught me a bit, and I don't regret much of anything nor do I hold much enmity from my time here. I'll miss it.


I was hesitant on doing a shoutout thing since this technically is just a resignation, but I guess it's partially a goodbye so, in no particular order.. (Also, if you're not here, presume I missed you or that I didn't have much to say.)



@Herbert : Never forget the roasts and ZS memes, may the recreational Squeaker Purge live on even in my absence.

@Vivian : You were/are a cool person to talk to even you told me consistently to stfu, good admin when you're actually on.  Never forget Cinema Crew.

@BigBthefluffyredneck : I didn't like you for a while, then I tolerated you, and then you thought I only supported your adminship to see the server burn. Classic.

@Deathhawk449 : Gook #2. Stop playing CS:GO for the love of god. Never forget Cinema Crew. Talk Show Z Cameraman.

@Z1galord : Whenever I judged your managership you threatened to remove tank, everyone be careful. Also stop spamming lennys constantly. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@Kurama : You're probably the most coherent person on the staff team, and on all of GFL Zombie Survival. Don't let it die.


[NOTABLE PLAYERS] (Note: Stopping @mentions here.)

[yellow] Wow : Gook #1. Squeakenese brethren. I met him while in the anime store and squeaking randomly, to which he responded like a female parakeet. Also he wants to eat my cat. Never forget Cinema Crew.

DJ001avatar : Honorable Arab and tech support scammer extraordinaire. Also like in the top 3 on GFL ZS rankings.

InfernoBurnz: Honorable blackie, he's filthy Tank tryhard who taught me to propkill. A black male, one of the funniest dudes I know. Did I mention he's black?

Saint Schizophrenia : Filthy Shade tryhard, is high 99% of the time. He removed and blocked me on steam for sending him catgirl ecchi. Overall a reasonable fellow.

ThanderFour : Another filthy tryhard, this one's a wraith. A lot. Also spams lennys in the chat. Fun dude nonetheless.

Purple : Squeaker, but a funny one, especially when he's being mauled by zombies and screaming bloody murder into his mic. Never forget the Cinema Crew.



Scoobers : He disappeared one day without notice and gave his steam account to some random guy. Pretty genuine dude who knew his stuff about technology and had life pretty good. Director/Occasional Guest on Talk Show Z.

MsShad0w/Rose : Eh?


I probably missed a lot of folks, but there's a few that pop into my head and that I can give a sentence or two for. Planned to do one final roast to all of you jokers but I didn't have the time or effort to put in.




That's it.

Thank you for having me. Bye.




Ten hours.


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Posted  Edited by Rose - Edit Reason: Spacing
1 hour ago, tenhours said:

the Ms Shad0w/Frisk(aka Vivian)/Herbert drama

1 hour ago, tenhours said:

MsShad0w/Rose : Eh?

What's this about? Smh.


Anyways, sad to see you go man. As much as you were a meme, you were a damn good admin. And you were cool to hang around too. 

Edited by Rose


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-1. Guys Ten is right watch out, he was literally the only one to question some of the things I wanted to add so guess what that means :lenny:


Anyways, later dood, sad to see ya go but oh well.


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