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League Tourney Sign Up + PRIZES $

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GCC League Tournament Sign Up

Credit to @Rcool64 and @Leks for contributing to the post <3


After the recent survey about League, it is clear that many in the community are excited about a cross community League Tournament. Along with that is the potential for a League Mini-Division! Back to the main topic, GFL is officially taking part in GCC's Cross Community League Tournament. Eight other communities are also taking part in this event. The CA team will be building and managing the team. With @Rcool64 and @Leks' knowledge on LoL, we will be able to build a strong team that is dedicated to have fun, and do their best. Thank you to those who made this happen and we are excited to see those who sign up. More information will become available about the tournament in the near future.


PRIZES: $20 per person in RP (3000 RP)

The date(s) for the tourney will be: (September 1st - 3rd, Finals 4th)

You can watch the stream on Twitch atGCC Twitch Channel


Team Setup

Team Leader: TBD


Top Lane
Mid Lane
AD Carry

Subs (2+):



Must be a GFL Member+

Active League Player

Good Game Sense



Click Here to Sign Up




GCC Event Information*** (Credit to @Pyros)



 League Extravaganza


1 - Introduction

Your community has been invited to participate in Gaming Community Central’s League Extravaganza!


2 - Tournament Information


2.1 - General Information


This tournament will be a double-elimination style tournament inside the game “League of Legends”. Every community has a guarantee of playing 2 games in both days of the tournament. A total of 8 communities will participate in the League Extravaganza. This tournament will take place in the NORTH AMERICA server.


2.2 Dates & Times


The tournament will span 3 days. The confirmed dates are as followed. Assume that these commitments span the entire afternoon of each date. *This is the template to describe the Schedule. Each game is labelled by a number*


Challonge link: http://challonge.com/pt/tournament/bracket_generator?ref=saEFehCdcu 



September 1 - Game 1,2,3,4,
September 2 - Game 7,8 12,5,6,
September 3 - Game 9,10,11,13 (BO3)
September 4 - Game 14 (BO3)



September 1 - 7:00pm EST

September 2 - 3:00pm EST

September 3 - 3:00pm EST

September 4 - 3:00pm EST


2.3 Prize Pool Information


Yes, we will be providing a prize pool for this tournament! 1st place overall will receive cash reward that goes 100% to the community funds.  The cash reward for this tournament will be transferred via the public donation page within each communities websites.  


2.4 Rules for Participants


All participants must be affiliated with their communities in such way:

Participant is a recognized member in their community via recruitment process

Participant has a registered account on the communities forums

Participant must have activity on the forums/servers/VOIP before or during the month of July 2017.

Participant's name in-game must match the name submitted on the roster application.

Participant must be Level 30.

Participant must be ranked inside Season 7.

Participants foreign to NA: Yes, you are allowed to play! As long as your EUW account fulfills the requirements to participate (see above), your NA smurf is allowed to play as long as it is above level 10.

Participants must be ready 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

There is ZERO tolerance for toxicity and disrespect. The proper punishment will be according to the situation. Ranges from warning to team/player disqualification.

There is ZERO tolerance for smurfing. Any confirmed smurfs will result in disqualification of team.

Communicate any concerns or rule breaking to event admins with solid evidence.


2.5 Disclaimers


Donations towards GCC and the tournament will not increase chances of winning the tournament

In the event of individual prizing, subs will not be considered. Top 5 players with most games will receive individual prizing.

By competing and participating, each individual grants permission to use likeness, name, statistics, statements, and community affiliation for broadcasting and promotional purposes for the tournament.

GCC reserves the right to amend/remove/add rules whenever necessary and justified.

All leadership,participants, and members are subject to their community guidelines and code of conduct while participating within GCC property.

GCC property is defined by server, forums, Discord, and official Twitch channel.


GCC reserves the right to amend/remove/add rules whenever necessary and justified.


GCC Event Coordinators team

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"Ranked in season 7" has been removed as a requirement! This was discussed during the meeting last night and we agreed we are missing out on a few players because they haven't played a season.


So if you want to enter but haven't played season 7, now you can!



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Also you do not need to apply again if you have already applied (going to leave this as a double post so you all see the notification)



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Applications are now closed. Here is the roster I believe we will be following:


Top: @Happy

Jungle:  @Kenguini

Mid: @TomRiddle

Adc: @Nubz

Support: @Reeve

Subs: @SirAdair @nocheat


Nocheat and TomRiddle are in need of NA accounts. Please message them if you have a level 30 NA account that they could use for the tourney.










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