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This guide will teach users of steam how to level

their account up quick, easy & at the lowest cost!


Two methods to level up your account below; Complex & Simple.



Why level your steam account?


  • Reputation
    • Trading - Some users will only trade with high leveled accounts at least level 25+
    • Friends - Some users will just not add you because of you being a low level.
  • Customization
    • Showcases - Each 10 Steam Levels earns you an extra showcase, which can make your profile more creative.
    • Wallpapers - You can have a chance to get a nice wallpaper for your steam profile!
    • Emoticons - Show off your cool emotes in messages or use them to customize your account more.
  • Extra
    • Coupons - Every level you go up you have a chance to get a discount off a game.
    • Drop Rate - Every 10 levels gets you a 20% increase in drop rate. At level 50 you are getting 100% increase in the drop rate for booster packs!




How To? Simple


First, you will need Money.

Get over it.



Second, go to the website Steam Levels.


You will need to sign in with Steam

in order for the service to work properly.



Third, go to the Level Up tab.


Type in the Desired Steam Level box the

level you would like to achieve.



Fourth, using either payment method Keys or Inventory click on one

method below and follow through with the trade on steam.


Make sure that you have updated your

Trade URL by clicking your name top right.



Finally, use an Auto-Craft script to

craft all the cards into badges.


Learn how to use an Auto-Craft script in this Guide






How To? Complex


First, you will need Money.

Get over it.



Second, choose the Level you want to progress to.

Using this chart find your XP needed for that level.


This will be done by taking away the XP

of the level, you want, from the level, you are at.



Let us say your level 25 and want to progress to level 50.

At level 25 you have a total of (4,500) XP and at level 50 you have a total of (15,000) XP.


Math: 15,000 - 4,500 = 10,500

10,500 XP is needed to reach level 50!



Third, calculate the number of badges needed for the target level.


Now take the number of XP needed to reach

that level (10,500) and divide it by (100).



Using the XP found in the Second step,

divide it by (100) and round it up.


Math: 10,500 ÷ 100 = 105

105 badges are needed to reach level 50


Fourth, Find the total cost of badges.

Use this site to find costs for a badge set.


Take the cost of a card and multiply 

it by the number of cards for a set.



So the cost for one card is ($0.06) take that and multiply

it by the number of cards needed for one badge, (5).


Math: $0.06 * 5 = $0.30

It will cost thirty cents for one badge.



Finally, find the total cost for the desired rank.


You simply multiply badge level cost by badges needed.



Take the cost for one badge ($0.30) and multiply

it by the total badges needed (105) and round up.


Math: $0.30 * 105 = $32

$32 is the amount needed for level 50!




Thank you!

Published & Written By Plexol


Edited by Plexol


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Or you could slowly level up for free by collecting cards and crafting badges. That'd take forever though 

JerryBomb.png.e376b34f3abbf909e911ca905e69e9b5.png.148c6b4cfc47ce26dbdfacd59a6ef633.pngCreative Team of GFL.

That's it.

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