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Enemy in hide n seek.

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What I mean by this is, someone you don't want to be stuck playing against seeking or hiding... 


-someone who would always tag you or someone who would do some insane kind of spot just so that you had 0 chance of even coming close to getting that extra point(s).


My response:



My hns enemy would probably be Frank Al for hiding he's almost impossible to tag on the older maps due to the fact he knows every single parkour spot.


My hns enemy for seeker would most definitely be Mbs, but most of the time I'm a winner by spectating before he can tag me:ninja:

Edited by Mistyful

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When I'm a seeker, @FrankAL is the worst hider ever. He's actually gud. It's ez pz. Just git gud. :lenny:


When I'm a hider, it's a debate between @mbs, @_Marshmello_, and @bnewton. Bnewton is too fast and good at parkour. Marshmello is just too good, especially at b-hop. mbs is bad:lenny:, but he knows me too well and somehow guesses where I go every round and ends up tagging me.


Made By @Lynx

jat.jpeg.cf67632929160b2d4e0df99335e7fba6.thumb.jpeg.a268ca114a3acfa34d666597b4d1a461.jpegMade By @Charmayy


Made By @Gary



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