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Story of the Month - September

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Hello, and welcome to the next installment of Story of the Month


The rules are as follows:


  • No pornography of any kind. Keep it off-screen. (Mentions of nudity are fine, but NO explicit sex scenes. Period.)
  • Minimum of 4 paragraphs.
  • No troll/meme stories.
  • No tagging anyone who may be in your story. (No exceptions!)


Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in your submission being hidden and any future entries for the current month being withheld.


**Please note: Rules are subject to change!** 




All entries (within rules/reason) will be accepted until September 26th, 2017 at 12:00AM CST after which the voting thread will be opened to designate a winner.


(Only entries will be accepted in the comments. All other comments will be hidden.)




The ultimate goal of SOTM is to encourage past/present/future writers to come forth and submit entries. This is a chance to learn and grow, and part of the reason I agreed to host. I encourage writers of whatever level of talent to come forward with your story. Let us see what you are capable of.













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Any similarities to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. 


Not so long of a time ago, there was an evil kite who trapped the kueen (a king/queen) of a castle name GFL Breach in the dungeon. 

"Work harder!" He yelled. 

RapunXy asked for hailp from the other admins. 

"Nope to busy being inactive" The goat named Kubnair said

"Too busy making shit suggestions" Haxray said with a lenny face. 

"Too busy being communist" A certain unnamed admin said. 

"Too busy resigning" Said half the admins (rip). 

And it went on like this. 

Finally RapunXy asked the duck named Duc-never a wise choice, as he was always stuck in a pond with shitty wifi. He had even once advocated to put RapunXy in the dungeon to make an addition to the castle called TFA. 

"Of course, m'ladyman." Duc said. "I have been waiting forever to rescue you!"

"Gay" RapunXy said and ended the mirror steam messaging.

Duc set out to get to the castle. He found an admin singing in the middle of the road. 

"John!" He quacked "Come help me rescue RapunXy"

"Sure, just as long as I can sing along the way."

Duc sighed, and they set out. 

Along the way, they met a pickle named Ej. Duc decided to bring it along incase they met any female companions…

They did meet one female named Fx, who yelled "YOU'RE NEVER ON BREACH YOU FUCKS" then ran ahead of them to get to the castle first. They stopped at an old, dirty castle called GFL TTT. They were both kicked by an admin named Senpai and so they continued on to castle Breach. 

Finally, Duc and John arrived at castle Breach. They snuck past the guard named Teri and went to the tower RapunXy was in. 

"I thought it was a dungeon" John said. 

"Guess the Narrator forgot that this is supposed to be Rapunzel and said dungeon, then changed it near the end."

Suddenly, Teri woke up and attacked them. Karma's a bitch, don't insult the narrator. He almost beat them if not for the Deus ex machina Fxwho saved them. Mother Kite came and knocked over Fx and John. 

"Foolish little duck, always in over his tiny head."

Duc kicked Mother Kite off the tower and he floated down harmlessly into a tree, which caught fire.

"You haven't seen the last of meeeeeeeee" he yelled, then was gone. 

"Thanks for saving me." RapunXy said "Now, let me test sunmute on you again…"

Duc jumped out of the tower. 

The End.

“I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.”
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

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I'm not good with fantasy this is probably barely or not even fantasy forgive me hope you guy's enjoy though.



The Nightmare



"What's your worst nightmare?" asked Ryan as he sank into the couch beside me.


"Well to be honest, I think being stuck in a world of bad jokes is my worst nightmare." I responded.


"Haha really? Not killer clowns or spiders? Maybe snakes?" retorted Ryan.


"My dad is a part time clown and his jokes are killer, I don't see what the fuss is about spiders and why would I be afraid of snakes when I have 2 of them as pets?" I said.


"Well, a world of bad jokes just doesn't seem like the usual nightmare." said Ryan frustrated.


"It is for me pal especially due to me having to hear a lot of bad jokes while dad works on his acts in the basement" I replied.


"Well I asked because there's this thing. It.. well... I don't know if you'll believe me but this pillow I was gifted from my creepy cousin Liam, it makes you wake up in your worst nightmare and you can only awaken when someone says Awaken and the person's name" said Ryan with a serious look in his eyes 


"Ha ha ha ha. what kind of an idiot do you take me for? Either that or you're an idiot for believing that. Have you even tried it?" I said with roars of laughter.


"I... I have that's why I'm telling you this..." said Ryan with that serious expression not leaving his face.

"Well then I said with a grin where'd you learn to act like that? Fine I'll bite, give me the pillow tonight you can come wake me up tomorrow" I said still grinning.

"I was hoping you'd agree, you're my best friend and the only person I can trust with this. If you believe me that'll more than satisfy me that I'm not going crazy." said Ryan with a sigh of relief.

My expression changed to a frown.

"You're not kidding.. are you...? You really do believe in this pillow." I said.


"Yes I am serious about this. I want you to try this so you'll believe me." said Ryan with a serious expression on his face.


"Okay give me the pillow and if this is real... make sure to wake me up before my parents do. I'll leave my window open tonight. You can hop in from there." I said with a grim look on my face.


"Alright I'll wake you up tomorrow. Here's the pillow. I have to go finish off my work, I'll see you tomorrow..."


Ryan stopped.

"What is it?" I said.


"Don't pee your bed" He said walking away with a big goofy grin.




I unlatch my window, wish my parents good night. lock my door. and sit in bed.

I don't believe in this but I have a sense of dread at the same time.


I lie down place the pillow on on the bed and rest my head on it. My heart starts beating rapidly, I can't sleep I'm too excited for what'll happen. Or am I scared? I couldn't tell. Soon everything went dark.


I wake up. I'm sitting in a small box barely enough to fit me. I see a bunch of people crowded around me and I notice a sign that says throw your best puns at the box.


A man with white paint on his face walks up to the box. "What is round, made of up of a lot of water and is red on the inside?" he asks.


This is bad. But I decide to play along. "Uh.. watermelon?" I say while hesitating.

"NOPE IT'S MY HEAD" he says as he pulls out a gun and blows his brains out in front of me.


To my surprise, people laugh at the sight of this. Another man steps forward.


"What is black, white, and red all over?" he says.


I decide not to reply.


His eyes become bloodshot and he roars "ANSWER ME!".

I know this is a dream but i'm too scared to not answer.


" NEWSPAPER! IT'S A NEWSPAPER! They are black white and read all over." I say all of a sudden.

"I said. What is black, white, and RED all over. Since you don't know let me show ya. " He says.


He pulls out a big machine gun and turns his back to me. I see 2 men holding a prisoner. But he's wearing only black and white, didn't this man also say "re-...". The crazy man opens fire on the poor helpless prisoner and shoots him to a bloody red pulp.


He turns to me with a grin "You're going to have a lot of fun here. We have a lot of GOOD jokes prepared for you"





Ryan wakes up with a big grin on his face. If this pillow did its job the first step to his plan can be set in motion.


He climbs through my window and enters my bedroom. I'm still asleep. He lifts the pillow off my head. I'm still sleeping. "Yessss it worked! That's what you get for being the foolish kid that you are. You don't deserve the attention you get in school. I do. You're bad at studies and sports. All you are is a pretty face. But that's ok soon everyone I despise will be asleep. For good."



"So mom. What's your worst nightmare?"


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