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Justjord6's Second Ban Appeal

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Name: Justjord6


Steam ID:


Banned by: Console, I think i'm not so sure. 


Ban reason: Karma too low. 


Why you should be unbanned: I was playing a T round and I just suddenly disconnect for no reason and the popup "You Have been Banned for 24 hours" appears. During the round i didn't kill any Ts, unless they died from the Nether Trap or the TNT minecart which I warned my T buddies 5 seconds prior to setting it off. I also could have been banned from previous innocent rounds or detective rounds but I check my karma and it's usually 800-1000 at the end of a game. This random karma ban also happened to me yesterday and I decided to shake it off because I was killing innocents for T baiting, throwing random grenades and RDMers. Please resolve this appeal as soon as you can. 

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