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Back in the frying pan

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I'm back bitches, and my mind is stronger than ever ^√^



So! Here's the clusterfuck that was my summer



At the beginning, I was happy for a while, but with an underlying sadness, because A: One of my friends was leaving me and going to highschool and B: The person who I love dearly :lenny: I wasn't able to see til' the starting of school



Fast forward to a ¼ through summer, The sadness is getting w a y stronger, and I stay inside all day, only going outside to go eat somewhere.. By this time my computer is on the brink of death, and I'm banned from comp overwatch on my Xbox (fuck you I like it) 



Nowwww in the middle of summer

We go to San Francisco for like... 3 days? (Idk)

At the end we had to walk to the car which was like a mile away

Barely a foot in, my fatass starts to cry cause I'm in pain and not used to moving more than 2 inches (#ImperialSystem fagits)



¾ through summer I'm contemplating suicide, and am refusing to go outside, computer is dead, sleeping nearly all day


Right before school , (like a week) I'm repeatedly having autism breakdowns, and eating 24/7 to fuel my sadness


then school starts and somehow everything's okay again.

200.gif            Hello from all the animals~

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I actually had a few people coming to me and asking "what happened to that Teddy guy". I just said he got banned cos scrub. Fairly close to the truth given your console edition of Overwatch.


Welcome back 




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