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Nick's Ban Appeal

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Name: Nick


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:194086446


Banned by: Console


Ban reason: Karma Too Low


Why you should be unbanned: Killed someone who killed an AFK but I did not realize that it was overtime so I immediately killed myself afterwards. I also killed one or two players who were t-baiting and they were Innocent which led to the karma ban. How long is a karma ban? Also, how can I avoid getting a karma ban in situations like these? Can I just spectate or rejoin the server?

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Posted  Edited by TheSadBandit

Karma bans take 1 day to be automatically removed, and to avoid getting karma banned, in the future don't kill people T-baiting as it isn't a KOSable offense. You are allowed to kill AFKs in overtime, so there was no reason for you to kill yourself for it. Although I've RDMed a like 5 people before, and not gotten karma banned, I'm sure killing 3 people wasn't what caused your karma to steep down that low. 


As for rejoining the server, you need an admin, I'll do you the favor (they probably aren't on) of tagging some of my fav admins.


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