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I'm Getting Outta Here Fellas

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It's sad to see you go, @AtomicHeadphones. :c  I wish you the best of luck! ::D: 

GFL Current and Former Positions:


GFL Media Team Graphic Arts

Former GMod Deathrun (US) Senior-Admin

Former GMod Prop Hunt (US) Admin

Former GMod Jailbreak (US) Trial-Admin

Former GMod Breach Admin

Former GMod Hide and Seek Admin


STEAM Profile
YouTube || GFLClan || GameTracker || Discord: Lynx#9968




~Made by the lovely @Rose::x: Thanks. <3


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Posted  Edited by rapperdan
5 minutes ago, AtomicHeadphones said:


Ohhh shit is that my fellow daniel son my boi aka tosh?


fyi cya never got to know you so uhh ya sorry I guess.

Edited by rapperdan

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8 minutes ago, AtomicHeadphones said:

Dab on them haters


(Credit to @Benroy for this top quality dab)


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


Twitter ❤️Ko-Fi ❤️Github






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you will be missed D;



Former Manager On Hide and Seek

Former Admin  on prop hunt

Former trail admin on breach 

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Posted  Edited by Astro
18 minutes ago, AtomicHeadphones said:

          Unfortunately, I'm going to be taking a break from GFL for a long time. I love this community but I have had little to no time to be able to play any video games lately because I am having to deal with a lot of new responsibilities in life, and there is just not enough time in a day to get around to doing everything. I love playing on these servers and whatnot but trying to meet weekly time requirements has become just stressful for me and the fact that I've basically already left the community without saying anything makes me feel guilty, but this is the one of the first times in the past 2 weeks that I've been able to even look at my computer, and so I haven't had much time to write this.  Thanks to everyone that I've met on here the past year and half has been great and I've made some great memories.


@bnewton-  yo BNUT adios ma dude

@ButterKing5000- I was only T-admin on your server for like 2 months but it was pretty lit

@_Marshmello_- Die Sploob:lenny:

@mbs- Congrats on manager and nice ass

@Gary-  You touch my Yeetos?

@Jat02-  Oof

@KryptekBlu3- !slay *

@AciFire- You're the most cancerous person I know

@DaPainWayne- One of the coolest admins on Purge thanks for the good times

@flyingjoe32- Thanks for the help with training me on Purge

@Violator, @Zebra- Thanks for working me through all that stuff with PH, sorry I never was on it all that much :P

@Gekkota_- One of the nicest people on GFL thanks for the great times and memes

@Winter- Thanks for being an admin on PH, you're pretty cool I guess

@Xy_- Dab on them haters


Adios Bois8687285.1496373134.jpg.e4c4c45a984733671ed89ed89786cf59.jpg

I found a spelling error in your MOTD you better worship me  :lenny:


adios mi amigo

Edited by Astro


thanks @Violator

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Posted  Edited by Jat02 - Edit Reason: Because my memes are funny.

Bye @AtomicHeadphones, you were the best. your Y E E T O S were the best.

"Give a mosquito his YEETOS you'll live another day, but if you don't you're gonna pay." -Atomic 2017


1 hour ago, AtomicHeadphones said:

@KryptekBlu3- !slay *

Probably the best mistake ever.


(You should've removed these gimps before leaving though.):

Atomic's guitar makes me wet.

Jat's memes aren't funny.

Atomic fuck off.

Hope to see you on the servers some time. Bye NuclearEarphonez, and my memes ARE funny.

Edited by Jat02
Because my memes are funny.


Made By @Lynx

jat.jpeg.cf67632929160b2d4e0df99335e7fba6.thumb.jpeg.a268ca114a3acfa34d666597b4d1a461.jpegMade By @Charmayy


Made By @Gary



Made By @Xy


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