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Text Based Adventure Game idea

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So in our programming class, we have to come up with a Senior project. I don't know exactly what we're going to do, but I know a game is allowed, which is what I'm doing. 

My game idea is based on escaping the wrath of the M&M version of Steve Harvey after participating in a game of Family Feud. Here's the script of Act one


Note that this hasn't been proofread, as I just typed this up this morning in class


Game starts up with title screen

Game starts

-This a choice based text game. Choose one of the many choices you will be presented with by pressing the key.
Be careful, as some of your choices will have consequences in the story. 
The beginning part of the story will not have consequences based on your actions in order for you to get a feel of the game.


                 Act One

-You wake up in the morning and get out of bed. What's the first thing you do? 
(These choices do not affect anything later)
1: Take a shower
2: Eat breakfast
3: Brush your teeth
4: Get dressed

1: Take a shower
-You decide to take a shower. You take off your clothes and wash yourself in the hot, steamy water. As you shower, you see
something move quickly behind your window. There was no way to know what it was, or if you saw anything at all. Once you're
finished, you dry yourself, head to your bedroom, and get dressed.

2: Eat breakfast
-You decide to eat breakfast first. You head to the kitchen to eat some cereal, what do you do?
    2a: Grab a bowl, pour some milk in it, then your favorite cereal
    2b: Grab a bowl, pour some cereal, then the milk
        2a: You take a clean bowl out of the cabinet and pour some milk. All of a sudden, you hear a slight whisper
        in the distance. You quickly look around yourself, but you don't see anyone else. The whisper gets closer
        and closer, until you hear it right next to your ear. The whispering stops for a few seconds, and then you hear,
        "Milk before cereal? Jesus christ no wonder no one likes you." "Who's there!?" you say. Silence. You eat your
        cereal and continue with the rest of your morning, but frightened.

        2b: You take a clean bowl out of the cabinet as well as your favorite cereal, then you take your milk out of
        the fridge and pour some milk. You eat your cereal, but then you stop for a minute and listen. Silence, as if
        the entire world stopped talking at once.

3: Brush your teeth
-You decide to brush your teeth first. You head to the bathroom, grab your toothbrush and toothpaste, and start brushing away.
Nothing out of the ordinary

4: Get dressed
-Screw hygiene and important meals, you want to get your day started as soon as you can. You grab your favorite shirt, pants, 
underwear, and socks, and head out the door.

-Once you're finished with your morning routine, you head out your door and look around. The sun is out, kids are playing on the street, neighbors waving to
each other, and dogs are playing frisbee. "What a beautiful day." You say to yourself. 
"Let's get the day started."

-"Hi, neighbor!" You hear to your right. It's your new next door neighbor who just moved in last night. You've been waiting
a long time for someone to move into that old abandoned house. It creeped you out for years. But now someone's moved in, and
even renovated it to the point where it isn't even recognizable from the original! 

-He walks over to you to greet himself.

New guy: "Beautiful day here, isn't it? My name's Richard Flanders, just moved in." *He holds out his hand for a handshake*

-It's rude not to greet yourself, what's your name? <Enter name>

<Name>, aren't you going to shake his hand?

1: Shake his hand and greet yourself
2: Don't shake his hand

1: Shake his hand
-<Player>: *You firmly grasp his hand, look him on the eye, and shake it* "I'm <name>, it's finally nice to meet you."
Richard: "It's nice to meet you too. 

2: Don't shake his hand
<Player>: "I'm <name>."
Richard: *He gives you a stern look. Great job, you've made him upset.*

Richard: "Well, I gotta tend to the wife. Er, did you check your mail yet? Looks like you got something."

-He's right, you do have mail. In fact, you've been expecting mail. A couple months ago, you've submitted an application
to participate in the game show, 'Family Feud', hosted by the legend Steve Harvey himself.
You head to the mailbox and open it to find a letter. You look at the address. It's been mailed from Atlanta, Georgia, where the
show is filmed. You feel ecstatic, you've finally reached your dream of being in a game show. You head inside, controlling yourself
from jumping up and down in joy. 
-What do you do to control yourself?

1: Stay calm and take a deep breath
2: Breathe in and out rapidly

1: Stay calm
- You take a deep breath, grab the letter, and head inside

2: Breathe rapidly
- You breathe in and out rapidly, but it doesn't work. You yell at the top of your lungs
- Now look at what you've done. Everyone in the neighborhood, even the dogs, are looking at you.
- You quickly grab the letter and walk inside in embarrasment. 

- Once you get inside, you open the letter and read what is says.
"Congratulations! Your family has been accepted to participate in 'Family Feud'! The filming will be in Atlanta, Georgia,
where we will cover the expenses of the hotel, travel, and airfare! We look forward to meeting you and your family, <name>!"

-You stare at the letter in awe for a minute. Then you quickly take your phone out of your pocket and call your parents...

Mom: "<name>? What's up?"
<Player>: "Mom! You'll never guess what happened. I just got the letter from that gameshow we applied to!
We're going on Family Feud!"

                 Act Two




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