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TheShampooDude Ban Appeal

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Your In-Game Name: TheShampooDude

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:107242609

Ban reason and Length: Banned for Mass RDM on Gmod TTT, however I would like to be unbanned for CS:GO Zombie Escape. Length: Permanent.

Admin That Banned You:  TheClassyBandit

Appeal Reason:


I was playing TTT a few months ago and decided to be a dick and mass RDM. I was bored and had nothing else to do, so I went on a random server and killed people. 

6 months later, I wanted to get back into CS:GO Zombie Escape, a game I played years ago and had a ton of fun with on the GFL Server. I hopped on, and realized I was banned for Mass RDM on the TTT server. 

I wish to get unbanned because I now realize that I shouldn't have been so careless about RDMing on a random server and want to play on the CS:GO Zombie Escape one.  I tried the other gamemode servers, but they are 

not nearly as fun as the GFL one I played a long time ago. 


Thanks, TheShampooDude


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@TheClassyBandit - Please allow time for a response.


Also, next time post the appeal in the section of the server you were banned on, not the server you wish to play on.


(Someone will move this shortly so please do not post another appeal.)













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Some stuff i wanna lay down before I unban.


1) This was your 3rd week ban for Mass RDM. 

2) If you do Mass RDM again, the perm ban stays for good.


I truely believe that you are sorry for what you will. And for that reason will be unbanned. But if I ban you again, I will show no mercy.

Ex TTT 24/7 Minecraft Admin.

Is Pretty Classy Too.



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