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John Jeez Man

Story that i wrote when was bored

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Ignores john and pushes him away off the cliff

John looks at xy in the eyes as he falls, and before he could say anything, he dies from the fall
Xy turns away without any feeling
3 days later
Duc2000: What happened to john? Haven't seen him in 3 days.
Xy: I don't know, maybe he just left gfl officially without telling anyone
Xy stares at him in the eyes
Duc2000: ok, I guess that might have happened. As he said in a worried voice
6 days later, everything was normal in a life of breach, suddenly! Someone postes a rip as there status on gfl. In their rip post, it stats, "rip john, he was a good friend"
Xy starts to think, "has someone found john body?!?
Xy plays it cool and acts like anything is new to him.
They start questioning who might have done it
They start with kite, duc2000, xy, teri and pyros.
They all said they didn't see him that night, xy played it cool and didn't show a sweat
When they took him in the lab for a check on how he died and any finger prints on him
John had died from his spinal cord, it broke. He also had a cracked skull.
Then, when they were doing a final run through of john's body
They saw a print on him. It was a match too xy  
They quickly get a warrant on his place and bang on his door. There were plenty of cops there so xy was scared and ran through his bedroom where he grabbed his gun
Xy tried to run to the back of his place, trying to escape, but the cops has him surrounded
He try's to figure out a way out of this situation
He looks around his place while the police ram the door down and enter the building. Not knowing he is outside of the house.
Xy could just wait it out, but he is too scared to think right now, he just wants to escape the cops.
After he is done planning. He try's to distract the cops thinking he has gone that, which is works. He thrown a bottle of by a ally way where there's a bunch of beer bottles. 
Xy is on the run and the cops didn't catch him and doesn't know where he is.
10 days later.
Xy is living homeless. He cant go back because of the cops and he has no where else to go.
meanwhile, there is currently no manager for the server. xy has only time left before thinking he just gone inactive and get a new manager. 
The admin begin to wonder what had happen to xy, and began to think if xy killed john.
Xy is no demoted from CA(or TA.. Which ever works) and Manager. They are looking for a new manager. 
while that's going on. Xy is struggling for his life. Living homeless, no place to stay, no food. He had lost everything.
to john for have ignoring him and pushing off the cliff to his death.
he starts to think about what he had lost and what.. he has to lose.
he takes the gun, put it up against his head, and pulls the trigger. 
Xy is now dead. he had enough. lost and no idea where he found himself in.
1 year later.
they haven't found the body of xy, but they assume dead by now or gone. life of breach still goes on and wonder where xy has gone too. but no one knows where his body is. 
the end. 

Server Manager of Squad.


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And Kubnair walks into the mess that is breach that he left to the trust of xy and decides it's time to give his child breach a proper upbringing and vows to kill xy  if he is alive, for leaving breach parentless and crushed 

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5 hours ago, John_Ariana_Man said:

Xy is now dead. he had enough.

After reading this post, who wouldn't have had enough?


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


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nice fan fiction 



Former Manager On Hide and Seek

Former Admin  on prop hunt

Former trail admin on breach 

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So u coming back or are you just gonna feel depressed? :lenny:

“I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.”
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

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Oh god, this is a long story. :P

-You Played Yourself (ᵔᴥᵔ)-


"Climb up to your ego then jump down to your IQ... It's an instant death."





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