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CS:S Map 'Elimination'

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*Making this in a new post because the post with mass suggestions on it is getting old and cluttered. *



I have suggested this before, and I know certain people have felt differently about this. But when I am working on having an active server, I notice significantly more people leave once a cs:s map is voted in. If it is possible to keep the maps in the server but remove them from the map vote I think it would benefit more than it would take away as what good is having a map if people are going to leave when they realize the map is just a bunch of error messages for them? 


I personally had a group starting up today of about 5 others, even when randomly leaving they would come back for about a half-hour long span of time, (at least), then another map change came and they overwhelmingly voted for Clue, but then when they loaded in they each individually left the map. This isn't a rare situation, I have noticed the trend many times and actively vote to not play css maps even though they can be really good maps.


TL;DR temporarily remove CS:S maps until server is more populated. 

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