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I thinking it would be great if we had a view more option on the forums. So that if there's a good post and it got bumped by other posts, you can click on the view more option and see all the post that was made in the past 24hr, week, mouth, or even 1 year. Something like Reddit where if you're on a subreddit and you want to look a the top post in the past 24hrs, you can choose that option. I don't know where to put this option at, but I know this would be useful.





Updated: 1/11/22 (MM/DD/YY)


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Posted  Edited by Joshy

I always like more features, but it sounds a lot of work for little return unless the domain already has this readily/easily available.


Something to tread carefully on is the amount of necro-posting we can get. The teams with forum moderator permissions have done well at shielding this from you guys, but the necro-posting can get pretty aggressive, and this feature sounds like an an enabling tool for those type of posters.  I personally believe - although I have no precise measure - there are more people who necro-post than people who would appreciate seeing a bumped post 10 or 11+ topics ago.


What do you propose to combat this beyond more or stricter enforcement?

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