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Banned From TTT Server

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Name: D3fault
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:19125508

Banned by: billymartin 
Ban reason: Mass RDM
Why you should be unbanned: I have played hundreds of hours on this server and never mass RDM'd. I apologize if I did mass RDM. I just want to play on the server and have fun. 

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So lets start off with the fact that you killed nicalx19, who was a traitor, for literally no reason. I checked the logs and he had done nothing that whole round, not even so much as buying equipment. I checked death-scene and from what I saw there you killed him for no reason. Then you went on to kill OverPowerDog, again for literally no reason. He had done nothing that entire round. Then you went on to try to kill nancy, which at that point 3 people lit you the fuck up and ended you. That's why I banned for attempted mass. Not only this but you literally admitted to doing so in a report against you.

10 hours ago, D3fault said:

I apologize if I did mass RDM

And just apologizing twice doesn't make it any better. Therefore, I am going to deny this appeal.






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