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My Resignation

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Just now, LegendaryFluff said:

Glad you're making more time for our baths.


It was fun working with you on TTT :kappa:

Were you admin before I got demoted? lol



Pretty sure we were on the team together for approximately 3 days. Those were some great 3 days :lenny:

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I know I'm a month late on this, but I would like to express my feelings of respect towards you and give gratitude. Waillord during our time together you went above and beyond what any manager should expect of an admin, let alone an admin who worked for two servers. I cannot put into words my admiration and appreciation for the work you did with CSGO TTT during its fledgling days and without you I fear I would not have stayed for as long as I did. You were truly one of the best admins I had the honor of managing over and I feel no surprise in seeing you as the manager for jailbreak.  Thank you Waillord for all you've done for TTT and for all you will continue to do for GFL without you this clan would not be nearly as good as it is now.


It is guys like you who keep communities alive, especially during times of hardship. You are a rare breed, carry your achievements with pride and humility and I can see you accomplishing great things.


with sincerety,


Former CSGO Deathrun Admin

Former CSGO TTT Manager

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