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Internet Issue since May 2017.

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I've been having disconnects every single night for the past 5 months. 


List of things done:

  • New wiring throughout house(I have DSL)
  • Wire from house to road replaced
  • 6 different modem/routers
  • Gave us more updated router/modem to try and stop overloading
  • Hooked up a separate router to try and get less pressure off of all-in-one
  • Called and complained over 20 times.
  • Bitched and complained repeatedly even though it doesn't help with connection issues.


Issue: Disconnecting 5-10 times for 1-10 minutes. Ping rises and doesn't just disconnect like it would if there was no connection at all. 


Modem/Router: Actiontec T3200M/Netgear 6100

Down/Up: 6000 kbps/640 kbps


pls help

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Posted  Edited by OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan

I'm not sure if what I think really matters but it seems as though you just don't have the internet access to really do any form of gaming of any sorts here is when nobody is talking in ts3 AH6I5p8vTP2bfxy81SSRLQ.png

and if this helps anyone else here is his internet in the standard measurement form which is megabitsQBkBEEPPQbawsnOI8ZShlw.png

also here is his megabytes Jw8XA_yzT5eXYHE883HVhg.png

this is my internet if you want to know.


and if you would like to see the stardard speed for google fiber is F-TbvTN4SqK-jGNRWv5zSg.png

source for google fiber speeds if needed https://www.recode.net/2017/9/7/16264430/fastest-broadband-speeds-ookla-city-internet-service-provider


nvm you have a workable internet I think you should be more clear on which one is which but I I'm pretty sure this is his down R0ZJgw41QAebeF9cziTn2g.png

and not the other I thought it was way worse and I read your post quickly and thought I saw two different forms of measure ment and did not realize one was down while the other was up. fyi if you start using any upload that might be what ends up getting you offline.

Edited by OwnerOfGames4Dan_rapperdan

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