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Person You Met On GFL That Suported U????

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@Winter. No one really supported me on day one but when I came back to GFL in November 2016 Winter supported me. <3

GFL Current and Former Positions:


GFL Media Team Graphic Arts

Former GMod Deathrun (US) Senior-Admin

Former GMod Prop Hunt (US) Admin

Former GMod Jailbreak (US) Trial-Admin

Former GMod Breach Admin

Former GMod Hide and Seek Admin


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YouTube || GFLClan || GameTracker || Discord: Lynx#9968




~Made by the lovely @Rose::x: Thanks. <3


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ho man way back in the day huh







@Squiishy (oof)












I’m really just listing off all the old murder fam, i am


This is going back to like way back when i started lol


EDIT: i’m so fucking stupid i just realized this said ONE person so @InfectedKatana it is lol



Aspiring OWL Player

Official Fat Cunt of GFL


  • Former GFL Council Member
  • Former Deathrun Server Manager
  • Former Murder Server Manager (2x)
  • Former Forum/Discord/TS Moderator
  • Former Member Acceptor
  • Former Prop Hunt Admin
  • Former Breach Admin
  • Former Ragdoll Combat Admin
  • Former Hide and Seek Admin



















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3 hours ago, Sins_of_the_Past said:

says it all right there.


didn't know them for a while, but @HackingPotato has always had my back since we knew each other back in 2014. it's truly an honor to have met them. :^_^:


And many years to come bb. I'll always be there for ya


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Posted  Edited by Dano


The guy that made me who I am now. I'm curious what I'd be like nowadays without having met him. GFL has truly changed my life.

Edited by Dano

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Hmmm the first ever person to support me from day one was rlly no one but after a while, i say @Gekkota because he  supported me when i want to be an operator he supported me. TY BRO ?


                                                          Lord Varalyn 

                          Quinn    59d6d338b1352_download(1).jpg.620a41de5a77c8f61c0a592f9ae4617a.jpg              

The twins    

The Assassins and Satanic Admins

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@Snoopy brought me into the community and helped me out a lot.

But i can't forgot the summer to come with @Dano, @Snoopy and others (cba to tag all yah) playing pictionary online as well as other board games.


It was the most fun i'd had in a long time, it opened me up to the rest of the community outside of the TF2 division i knew.


I thank you guys for that for i wouldn't have the friends i have now and be administrating csgo jb.


love you all <3

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Probably the most shocking one, but actually mine was @NotMotder.


Back in June of 2016, when I was a mere user, he was the one who told me where to apply for member here, and he supported me through my first admin app on TTT. Probably my greatest friend here. 


Thank you @AceOfSpadesMM for the signature! Very much appreciated.

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