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fun in ze

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So two days ago I had tons of fun on ze icecap escape with two admins who did funny mini-events on the map -Forcing humans to play a certain way and win with certain conditions like every human on the helicopter, teleporting humans and zombies together, and other assorted randomness. To be frank, I had more fun on this one map alone doing fun things than my most of my time this past year on ze (others also really did enjoy the random cancer and change from everyday ze). I really wish stuff like this could happen more often - Rather than one big event monthly we could have more specialized events for certain maps happening very often adding a little bit of  S P  I C E to the mix or have these events on top of our big (shitty) events monthly.


Maybe it's just me being bored with ze but I really feel like small and simple "events" could #makezegreatagain. Perhaps you guys view it as cancer and all that nonsense, but I see mini events like these a great way to bring our community of gradually quitting regulars and new people alike together. 




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i like when silly things happen in the server, that are less cancer/autism that normal.... like when admins have been scaring people at key jump points in maps the last few days with the halloween server scare thing.... or when the gay face pops up causes confusion and delay.... Little mini contest would be fun too. 


Yesterday, when he ddos was going on, we only had 7-8 in the server and myself and a few others got Frostdrake queued up, and working with the zombies who can trigger by the way and help out, got to boss.... only for one of the zombies to betray us at the last min as we made the final jumps to the boss fight area... it was actually crazy fun because instead of just people yelling at each other to stop defending and edging we actually goofed around as a group and had a few laughs! 


i actually find it funny, and enjoyable. also I believe Olivka has perma banned himself for item trolling on SAM yesterday... shameful display of initially misuse of tornado... Although maybe that would all into this category then all will be forgiven .

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