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Admin aboose Report

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This might be not the right section for this, but after a long search i couldn't find any, so feel free to move this post in the right Section.

After told this, i'm here to report an Admin's several abuse: Spacecow.
He's ALWAYS abusing his admin powers to get items or fast trigger(for example he's used to slap himself to crosses area restricted for player in that moment), also he make RUMBLES tp on players(but at least he makes a poll before do this crappy thing).
Today during a Mako run he restricted me for using Ultima during Bahamoth boss fight in Extreme 1(this is no items abuse, this is just the way to fast kill him without let him casts more spell than necessary). Then i tried to explain this to him but it ended up he also Gagged and Muted me with no absolutely Reason.

Here the pics that shows he gagged and muted with no reason abusing his power once again.



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Posted  Edited by xSnowyAngel

Moved to the right section. Investigating. Admin will be questioned. 


Edit: Gagged removed. Mute will be kept as you were disrespecting the admin before and after eban.

Both already expired by the time this will be posted


Admin will be punished accordingly. Report dealt with.

Edited by xSnowyAngel

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