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Happy Veteran's Day!

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It's Veteran's Day here in America today and I just wanted to say happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow veterans, active duty, and all personnel currently in the reserves.


If you know another veteran of the military that is also part of this community, feel free to tag them and wish them a happy Veteran's Day!

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But there's nothing happy about visiting a brother's grave. ;_;

It is a good thing when war ends though.

Its also a good thing to thank those who defended what we stand for.

We all start out as idealists only to slowly but surely become realists one day, the likes of which we'd never imagine we would become. Meanwhile we stare back at new idealists and see a reflection of what we once were.


Facing reality to get through life.


:cockatiel: I drink birds alive and whole while petting them :cockatiel:




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