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Some Core Changes

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@TheLastBee you already did, that means I did too. Its about CA's being changed to councils and darkling being the leader of them all and stuff like that. Were the same person, remember? ;) 


No but I actually just finished reading it and since you just posted telling me to read it I'm assuming we literally read this at the same time... reminds me of when we posted the exact same comment nearly at the exact same time... amazing how closely related we are :P 


And congratulations @Darkling, haven't talked to you much but I love you :D

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2 Suc darkling



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Interesting... I love itGreat idea, @Roy. ::D: 


EDIT: I forgot to say Congrats, @Darkling! <3

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GFL Current and Former Positions:


GFL Media Team Graphic Arts

Former GMod Deathrun (US) Senior-Admin

Former GMod Prop Hunt (US) Admin

Former GMod Jailbreak (US) Trial-Admin

Former GMod Breach Admin

Former GMod Hide and Seek Admin


STEAM Profile
YouTube || GFLClan || GameTracker || Discord: Lynx#9968




~Made by the lovely @Rose::x: Thanks. <3


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10:44 AM - transperoman | also endorses AMD: yo
10:45 AM - transperoman | also endorses AMD: I gotta ask what your thoughts are on bringing back council.
5:01 PM - Xy is now Online.
5:07 PM - Xy: I've known about it for a while but to make things clear
5:07 PM - Xy: the council would be replacing CA
5:07 PM - Xy: instead of director
5:07 PM - transperoman | also endorses AMD: lol
5:08 PM - transperoman | also endorses AMD: ya I just went digging and found out about that idea :L
5:08 PM - Xy: yeah
idk mang :L


also I'd like to suggest this @Roy https://passwordsgenerator.net/ I may or may not be using a 2048 character pw atm for the gfl website what is secure from a blunt force attack?

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2 minutes ago, LegendaryFluff said:

Does this mean I'm getting co founder?

ya dawg me founder and you co founder lesgo the best duo the story behind @SoJa and @Roy but you and me homez 


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3 minutes ago, Joshy said:

Stop wasting your time on the name.


Roy is giving you all a big hint about your chance at Staff roles if you wanted it before, want it now, or may want it in the future: Yesterday was the time to shine, but you can start today.

Full founder?



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