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I have only visited Ashland and its neighboring cities in the southern region of Oregon.  No sales tax, no traffic, but it's sometimes on the cold side and not much to do after a short while.  There was a wonderful park there, which had a giant hamster wheel you could run on, but I think some kids got hurt and their families sued the city :( ...  no more hamster wheel...  I don't care how old I am because that will always be my favourite.


My family enjoys the Shakespeare festival they have, and I have a lot of great memories.  I suspect I'll be visiting again...  possibly this coming holiday season although this is largely dependent on work.


I presented some kind of "green olive" salad dressing in a past thread.  My family learned this one from someone at the "Beasy's on the Creek" restaurant there.  I don't think the restaurant is very good and it's very expensive, but we loved that salad dressing.  Terrible name for a "fancy" restaurant if anyone is strongly familiar to American slang (reference).


Fun fact: I learned how to swim in that area.  Of course it was while I was a very young child.



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12 minutes ago, JerryHatTrick said:

If you have "progressive" ideals, I'm sure you'll love Oregon.

Hipsters are rife in the cities, and I have a friend in a rural area who has survived by mushroom farming for decades...

Also, if you like natural beauty of forests, etc. - hard to beat Oregon.





I'm more in the middle, but I do like forests plenty. I'm very excited for that.

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