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Posted  Edited by Riggs - Edit Reason: Added links changed titles

What are your feelings  on the Melanie Martinez situation? 

Link to her wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melanie_Martinez_(singer)

Link to news article explaining what she did http://www.newsweek.com/melanie-martinez-rape-allegations-timothy-heller-736251


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Added links changed titles


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Posted  Edited by Riggs
1 hour ago, JerryHatTrick said:

You stated in shoutbox "Since my recent post is about something more serious I would like to hear the communities feelings."

So, here are my feelings...


I honestly had no clue who Melanie Martinez was until I saw your thread, so that's a +1. I learned something.

However, if you want people to actually take you seriously & respond to a question like this , you need to provide some kind of background information. Yes, we can Google it, but you ought to know that people are lazy, and likely won't make an effort to research something that basically has nothing to do with their lives.

Would it have been so hard to post a link to a news article?

Also, your thread title is pretty bland. You should have made a title that mentions Melanie Martinez, not just "stance". 

Well using some of your suggestions I will make an immediate change to things mentioned I will be adding a link to an article I find 


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