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Mr. Pineapple Karma Ban Appeal

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Name: Mr. Pineapple


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:143178134


Banned by: Console


Ban reason: Karma too low


Why you should be unbanned:


A bunch of rdmers on and was trying to kill them (they killed people right in front me). Karma got too low and got banned. I was just trying to kill the rdmers before they killed more people on the server.



I'm trash at everything else though.



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Unbanned. Keep an eye on your karma from here on out. Once you rejoin ask an admin to reset your karma make sure to stay in spec when they do or you'll get banned again. You've also been getting a lot of bans recently keep an eye on those especially the karma bans. I'm going to lock and move this now.



(Note TTT admins if you want someone to handle karma bans or lock posts just tag me and I'll do it.)

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