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[12-12-17] Roy's Progression Update

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Just a note, I used a different method of converting the Google Doc over to the forums. Before I would paste the entire doc as plain text in the IPS 4 text editor. However, it took a very long time to make the format changes in the text editor.


This time I downloaded the doc as a Microsoft Word document (.docx), copied over the contents from Microsoft Word, and only had to make minor changes (e.g. text size, link colors, and so on). The only major difference I see is the bullet point's content have an indent. Though, I still think it looks fine with it :)



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2 things that interested me the most:


1) New home page. Will be nice because the current one is very unnapealing to me. Glad it is being looked at.


2) Being against individual server discord’s. I have one for PH and I love it because if a user wants to have a chat for a specific use then I can add one. I actually have done so and made a chat for Strategy Gaming such as Civ V games and such. It is the most used chat we have and has even brought a member into GFL. But I don’t think it would have happened if it weren’t for that need-based addition. I do think you should have some overwatch and will send you the link in a moment.



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Added discord and some numbering


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I was wondering why I thought this seemed so familiar and then I realized you literally just sent me that a few days ago lmao I just wasted like 10 minutes rereading this

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@Roy thank you for the shout-out here! Discord has been mostly revamped with new channels etc. My keyboard has been down (had to RMA) but I've been trying to promote our discord in any way I can! I still need your guys' help. Even just hanging out in the discord can help others stay after they join. The new pubg map will give us an opportunity to try and bring more members in, I can't wait to push this growth with the community together to make GFL a more well rounded community!


So stop by the discord sometime! Thanks again @Roy

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