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Missing textures in ttt_outlandmine problem fixed

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Posted  Edited by ZaKLaKe

I recently found a way to fix the purple missing textures outside and inside certain buildings on ttt_outlandmine.


You have to, obviously, have the textures for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 first. If you don’t have it, here’s a link to a download : here (or just buy it it's literally $7 and, in my opinion, less shady than a free download. If you do consider buying it, I recommend waiting for the Steam Winter Sales to come up (21th december); the price should go down by 60% to 80%...)



1. Open Garry’s Mod and go to the main menu.




2. Then, at the bottom-right of the screen, there should be a sort-of "Controller" button, a button with a flag on it and another longer one with the current gamemode you're playing on it (For this next pic, Hide-And-Seek was chosen...). Next click on the "Controller" button :




3. A board with all the textures of maps & games you own should show up after you clicked on the button :




4. Search for the "Half-Life 2: Episode 2" texture and check the box next to it : (I recommend checking the "Half-Life 2: Episode 1" texture too just to make sure any texture is not left out)




Close and re-open Garry's Mod (Optional) and the textures should be loaded the next time you enter the map... Enjoy! :)

Edited by ZaKLaKe

                               Soon-to-be Hide and Seek Admin

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