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so what the reason for permanent ban?

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Ban Appeal Format:


Your In Game Name:



Your Steam ID:



Which Admin Banned you:



Ban Reason:

Mass RDM/ghosting w/firends


Why should you be Unbanned:

because it was a long ago, and i dont remeber what i did and dont want to make the same mistake

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Posted  Edited by TheClassyBandit

Yeah I don't even remember what exactly happened. But I do remember you and a friend or two ghosting and massing. I believe you've probably learned your lesson, thus I'll undo, but be advised, the next time this happens the ban stays.


If your friends want to be unbanned, they will have to appeal separately.

Edited by TheClassyBandit

Ex TTT 24/7 Minecraft Admin.

Is Pretty Classy Too.



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