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Ban Appeal - Jeff Jefferson (Mass RDM)

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Name: Jeff Jefferson


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:49015307


Banned by: TheClassyBandit


Ban reason: Mass RDM


Why you should be unbanned: What happened was a series of flukes. I first killed a person for failing to ID a body. I was in the tower, someone above me fired a shotgun. At the time, there was a lot of screaming about traitors on top the tower, and then someone dropped down. I had heard someone die right next to them, so they failed to ID the body. I shot him. He had a shotgun, didn't ID the body up there, and we were in a small space. If he was a traitor, I was going to die if I didn't act immediately. Before I could ID him, another person dropped down. Lots of screaming on voice, I didn't hear or see anyone mentioning the traitor in the tower being dead. Obviously, this was his traitor buddy, so I shot him. I ID'd two innocents, and went up to find a Traitor body. While in hindsight what I did was panic, plain and simple, the actions made sense to me in context. I additionally went outside to find someone having a sniper fight. Again, still on edge, especially since there was now a (reasonable) KOS on me, I decided to kill the guy because, what are the odds I kill three people, in contexts in which they seem traitorous, and all three are innocent?


Good enough, apparently. At that point I just kind of let myself get killed. I had to d/c and reconnect to respond to the final report on me, and all 3 reports got the same response. "It made sense in context." Speaking of which, there's a bug where if you're responding to a report, and you get another report, you can't close the response window and have to disconnect and reconnect to respond to the new report. As someone who usually tries to respond to reports while alive, this could really be detrimental to me.


Yeah, I know I did a bit of wordsmithy here. TL;DR I panicked while a lot of chaos was going on and ended up killing three innocents I genuinely believed to be traitors.


As a final note, I have a fair amount of time on the server. This is my first ban, and I believe I have a level of rapport with some more active members that they can vouch that I'm not exactly the kind of guy who RDMs for fun. I find the process of deduction and actually doing the math to find a traitor much more satisfying. This server is also one that is consistently active and fits my weird schedule, without being ass-backwards in design and rules choices. I'd really like to have as short a time being banned as possible.


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Honestly, I believe it was a series of honest mistakes and flukes, and the ban was probably not well deserved so I'll just unban. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Also everyone chill the fuck out, i don't need three mentions lol

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