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As most of you may have heard, my steam friends list has been cleared recently without any warning. While I am not sure why this happened, I am going to be adding people back who request to be my friend, if I talk to them. I am no longer going to be accepting everyone who sends me a friend request and I will only accept the friend requests that are from people I actually talk to. Don't get offended if I don't accept your friend request, but just know I will ignore it if we do not actively talk via discord, steam, or some other form of communication.

Aside from that, please do not say you think I was hacked. Truthfully there was a definite possibility that I was hacked but I believe my security issue has been solved if this is the case.


I'm also making this because I am too lazy to add steam friends by myself, so if you want to friend me, here is my steam profile link: 


Don't question my link Zer0 was already taken :/



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This couldn't be a status or at least in offtopic...? 

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My Steam Profile (from SteamDB)


  • Worth: $943 ($530 with sales)
  • Games owned: 174
  • Games played: 112 (64%)
  • Hours on record: 5,797.5h

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