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Tribute to the OG !gift glitch witnesses

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Tribute to the people that were on the server on the 24th of December at 22h00 to 22h30 and witnessed the !gift glitch and the incredible "!gift" spam in chat that made @PsquawOsaurus crazy.



What happened was that, with the !gift event, today, we could get the candy cane trail which is worth 37k. The thing is, Xy forgot to program it so the trail couldn't be sold and re-gifted so that everytime you type "!gift" and then sold it, you would get 37k points ez pz.


With that whole thing, we managed to get around 2-5 million points each. Xy showed up, resetted our points and basically ruinied the party xD.


Extra rippies to ma boi Mr. Bones; had 15mil Points, Xy shows up, ends up with 0 Points. Amen to that @mbs.





@Xy_ fucked up good ;)

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