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Does anybody want a Themed signature or background made? just starting up with Photoshop and need more practice before applying for Media Team

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For vector images, use Illustrator.
For bitmap, use Photoshop.


Both are somewhat similar, but mastering Illustrator is much better than Photoshop, if you want to make vector images, which is recommended for this kind of art.


If you are not familiar with vector or bitmap image types, let me try and explain in a short yet concise way.


Bitmap images are made of Pixels (sort-of). You get this kind of images when you take a picture with your camera.

Vector images are made of complex mathematical formulas, which allow them to stay crisp even if you zoom in 1000x. This kind of pictures are electronically made with a tool such as Photoshop. 


Here is an example.



What is this all about?

Well, I love researching random stuff, and decided to do it on this subject. 
Here is what I found


Photoshop does have vector tools and can save some vector content in some formats (psd, pdf, eps). However, Photoshop will never create a true vector file.

What Photoshop creates are vector containers with raster content. This is dramatically different than a vector container with a vector content. For example, Adobe Illustrator will create a vector shape with a vector gradient within that shape. That means when the shape is resized upon output, the gradient is recalculated to match the new boundaries. What Photoshop does is, upon output, recalculates the vector container yet merely scaled the raster contents in the container. This can result in "broken pixels" for the interior appearance.


So, despite you being able to work with Photoshop, it is highly recommended to do it with other tools, that are better in the field.


Why cut grass with a scissor when you can do it with a lawn mower? 


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Whatever works.


I've sent you a private message in regards to this because I have something we're working on.  I also believe this thread is in the wrong area and might receive better feedback in the Art section.

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