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I believe it would be another popularity contest and it might motivate people in negative ways (the same mechanisms where a salesman improves their numbers by lying about a product or omitting information).


I recall Snoopy beginning a thread about recognizing admins and other Staff members about their contributions to GFL.  I had thought it was a good idea at the time and I really wanted everyone to step up their game and fill in the next shoes meaning that Members act like Server Admins, Server Admins like Server Managers, Server Managers like Division Leaders, and etc.  This idea is sound, but only under very ideal and less practical conditions.  It was an interesting thread because it was one of few times where I really bit my lip and tried my best to overlook my bias; you'd never believe who I recommended for an award, and I am thinking...  I may have been the only one to recommend anyone, which brings me to my next point.


This type of work is very difficult to do objectively.  It requires a lot of work, people to be involved, and there it's difficult to be truly fair ie. people nominating someone might not recognize someone better in a different time zone or less popular game-mode.


Last, the team implemented a softer and more narrowed down version of this called The Hall of Fame.  I look at it as a proof of concept, but proof that it doesn't work too well (in my opinion).  The list can be found here.  If Staff members were somehow in favour of your suggestion and against my advice, which seems pretty common anyways, then I would believe the best approach would be to expand this Hall of Fame such that non-Staff can achieve that recognition too.  Why reinvent the wheel?




For convenience of Staff and should the thread exist anymore...  I still have a link to it.  I think it was called "Outstanding Performance" although the thread looks the same to me as any other non-Member thread; I'm not even sure if it copied here as I intended.  Cheers.


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We already have a system currently on Deathrun that is Admin of the Week. Every week i check activity and the admin with the most activity for that week gets a few extra privileges for the upcoming week.


Given that this is your server you currently are admin on I don't think another implementation is necessary, but for other servers it could be useful.



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A safe no. We did something like this back in 2012 or so when the community was still young, but we wouldn't want to use this again for reasons already stated above.


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