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What is the Narumi Language...?

The Narumi language is using this Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNG to talk to people.....

What a Narumi means so you can talk the Narumi Language.....

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNG "Yes" or any word that is a synonym of that or "Affirmative"

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGResponse to something lewd

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGReaction to something cute

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGRegular Reaction

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGIf "~?" is added next to Narumi, then it's a confused or questioning Narumi

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGNarumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGWhen talking about "melons" (Breasts)

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGNarumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGReaction to something good or cute if it's really good or cute

Narumi_IMG_02.PNG.48e85e3692f49f9a8eca2afb3d174d55.PNGNarumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGWhen you want to cap yourself from something

Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNGNarumi_IMG_02.PNG.48e85e3692f49f9a8eca2afb3d174d55.PNG(You Know What That Means When Narumi Has a Gun Pointed At You)



If it makes no sense, well.... You just have to use Narumi to get it..... kek~?Narumi_IMG_01.PNG.881ccfa3a148e171295d1147874c8104.PNG~?

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