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ban appeal

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Posted  Edited by spacerealm2002 - Edit Reason: didn't know who ban me

In-Game Name: spacerealm2002

Steam ID ;    0:1:42007811

Ban Reason: attempted mass 

Ban By; @Jroek97

Why I should be unbanned: In that round I killed 2 people that I remember. One of them was trying to prop kill, so I killed him, after I was done with his report he forgave me. Next one is Admin jroek, Both me and Cally  saw him shooting (killed a detective )from the tower (every knows that admin don't RDM) and then he jumped from the tower and tried to get in the t room, so I killed him, then he reported me (but I got kicked, so it didn't let me respond).Now the other guy I forgot why I was shooting at him, that was most likely a attempt rdm (sense I don't remember).  NOTE: only had 2 reports.

Thank you for taking time to read this ban appeal.

Edited by spacerealm2002
didn't know who ban me

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Posted  Edited by Jroek97

@spacerealm2002  Sorry it took so long for me to reply, i remember you from the reports yesterday though. When you didn't answer the reports i assumed you just attempted mass and left. Ill go ahead and unban though.

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