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3 hours ago, Pyros said:

Thing is, some servers will ask some questions, others won't ask that; some need sponsors, others don't.

Not hard to personalize for each server... also this brings me to a very old and ever lasting issue when someone needs something fixed the time it takes for it to get fixed is "Valve time" community servers have competition unlike valve so seeing as how we can not dominate the whole market we have to give quality in order to compete or else others slowly but surely take over the dominance in the market an empire only dies off by pampering themselfs and failing to realize that something will replace them over time if they feel they will never die off.


TL:DR people with power have to do things like change what needs to be changed on a template like that and can not take the I'll do it later approach.

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This is currently happening. Stay tuned!


See current forms here: https://gflclan.com/forms/form-list/ (Some are empty, we know, it's a work in progress. This is happening though.. a year later)


We will be adding more as more Server Managers want them.

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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