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Goodbye for quite a while

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Posted  Edited by Laex

So, never thought I would make one of these. I was planning to stay on GFL forever. But of course that's not how life works.

I've had great memories in all of GFL's servers with all sorts of people. I've met some great people thanks to GFL. My friends list exploded. It was nice being here and experiencing everything. But sadly, I have a lot to focus on and I can't keep up with anything anymore. I'm planning on putting my life back in order before doing anything else. I WILL come back but not very soon. I just wanted to say thanks GFL and thanks all these great people:


@Burts - Burts. Thank you so much for the great times we had on deathrun, TTT, jailbreak, darkRP and thank you for introducing me to some new people too. Everytime I cosplay with a latex costume, guess I'll remember you. :D It was amazing knowing you and you were by far one of the people that make me a proud GFL member and I can't be any happier to have met you. Thank you. (luv u 5evr bby)

@Bae - Although we didn't talk a lot, you seemed like a really great person and I think we could've become great friends if I had any time. Thanks for your help with everything. Appreciate it. 

@Spencer-Senpai - You. You were an amazing person. I have met many great people thanks to you. All the fun we had on deathrun was priceless and I can't be any more grateful for everything you've done for me. You truly helped me become who I am right now. Thank you. (i will keep sending you that gift until you accept it dammit)

@Maskiee - Hey Maskiee. Thanks for everything you have done. It was amazing to even be able to add you on skype but not only did that happen, we played together! I've reached a god! (or a god reached out to me) It was nice knowing you. You were an amazing person and you had great patience (seriously how can you not get pissed at me). Anyways, thanks. Love you long time <3

@JoelSmith - Hey. You weren't expecting to be on this list, were you? It was really fun playing with you so I thought I might just add you too. It was so funny to scare you in TTT. You always shot me when I walked towards you saying I will kill you. I will never forget those times. Thank you.

@SirAdair - Adair. It was fun playing with you. It was really funny when we played cs:go and you were completely silent while I was completely screaming. Haha. I will never forget you. Thanks.

@TheSpiderofGFL - Ky. Fucking amazing times with you. You were one of the coolest people I've met on GFL and I'm so glad I met you. You always brought a smile on my face. You making iced tea, your goddamn puppet, you hiding your laugh, your jesus hair, you spawning in so many fucking shit in Portal 2 and crashing the goddamn game all the time. Those were great memories. I will never ever forget you. Thank you so much for everything you've done. I am truly grateful.

@(couldn't find Hawk. If someone sees him can you please deliver this to him? thanks) - Hawk. It was so fun playing with you. You were so fun and I will never forget you. Honestly though, you weren't as good at rocket league as I thought you were. What a shame. Git gud son. But seriously though, thanks.

@Shuruia - You probably weren't expecting me to add you to my goodbye list. But you were cool. I wish I got to know you more. Don't forget to listen to Make Me Fade. It was so funny when you asked me that and tried to keep cool while really wanting to know what it was. Haha. Thanks for your help with everything.

@Kumathebear - Kuma. Thanks for everything you've done. Thanks for playing with me, helping me, saying my drawings are good even though they were shit. Keep sending me your drawings as I really love them! I won't ever forget you. Thank you and goodbye.


If anyone else (a friend of mine of course) is reading this and you're not on the list, tell me down below! I was in a rush when making this and I couldn't remember people! I will add you to the list no problem!


This is it guys. This is goodbye. I will be gone for quite a while. I might rarely be on cs:go surf servers but that's it. When summer ends, I won't be on anything at all. I can still rarely chat with some of you. Just give me a message and see if I respond!




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Thank you for the mention, I hope you come back soon. (: I like helping. I hope life works out for you.


credits to @Clavers

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Thanks for adding me. I wasn't expecting to be added but there were some very funny times on TTT and I'm happy to have met you. I don't really come on here much anymore so to be mentioned means a lot thanks. Hope everything is okay and I wish you all the luck and good fortune in the future.




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Shit, I was first on the list and I haven't replied until now. Thanks guys, making me feel rude. I'll miss butchering your name, and playing  with you. <3. 




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