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how do I submit a admin application

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17 minutes ago, catsscpandxenomorphs said:

how am I supposed to submit a admin application


There's a corresponding admin application section, along with a template and explanation on how to submit said application in most sections. Which server are you intending to apply for?













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I'll just take a quote from another post written by @Zebra, which you can find here:

On 8/10/2016 at 9:24 PM, Zebra said:

"Admin Sponsorships":

Essentially what this means is an admin has to "sponsor" your admin application before applying. If you don't have an admin sponsor your admin application it can be closed without warning (This is to prevent "spam apps" or applicants applying with less than the minimum playtime requirement). The best way to get an admin to sponsor your admin application is to prove yourself in game (Also make yourself known to the entire team). Any admin can sponsor an application (Or at least if they're an admin on the server the applicant is applying on). So please acquire a sponsorship before applying. Do not be annoying and bug admins about sponsoring them.


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