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Ban Appeal

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:122823038


Banned by:MILK MAN


Ban reason:Attempted mass incend


Why you should be unbanned:

because i didn't attempt to do anything other than jump off the top of the tower.

i pulled out an incend grenade so that i could throw it off to the side of the tower, however my keys stuck and i couldn't even move.

i was stuck on the edge of the front of the tower when it happened. there were about 3/4 possibly 5 other players up there too. when my keys un jammed i walked backwards and the incend went off in my hand because lag? or something like that and it wasn't thrown. i couldn't warn others either because the entire keyboard and the mouse weren't responding/or the game wasn't which was more likely.

and of course the incend killed 2 people and damaged a 3rd for 10hp of all things. or at least that is all i know. 

i don't see why i should be banned for something i had no control over. i did explain this to the admin however he did not even read the message i sent him. i even have a witness. Kentucky Fried Children. who was one of those who died to this incend, he id not even attempt to report me. the other two did one died, ok fair enough, slay me. but the one who lost 10 hp. no i don't believe this is fair because one person lost 10 hp. not to mention this person has deliberately targeted me in the past. he had spent hours trying to kill me every chance he got. no one even bothered to kill him for it either. then an admin showed up and slayed him. no ban of course.

and now i get banned for dealing 10 hp of damage to him. i would happily take the ban for killing him 3 times in the same game but not for doing 10 hp of damage. 

i applied for admin about 2 days ago. i am not a bad player and i would never do something so stupid. not deliberately at least.

but it happened and i will gladly be slain for it even 3 times. 


point being is that i did not intend to kill or harm anyone but i must have briefly disconnected from the server of or something and i was dead as well as 2 others who i apologize to. i have more than a week of playing tome on that one server alone and very well know the rules. but i argue that i dod not attempt to mass rdm anyone. i intended to kill myself  alone, as i usually do when i board. a 1 week ban i a little harsh, also considering that this is also my school holidays and i like to lay on the server during the time in which i'm not with my family or friends.  this server means a lot to me and by the time i am un banned i will be back at school and will have so little time to be on the server because of so many education perfect competitions as well as studying for mock exams at the end of the term.


Thank you for reading that mess which was probably the most repetitive thing ever written. 




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