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I'm back for now after almost a year of absence. I'm feeling much better and am in a much better mental state. Plus I've gotten bored of "competitive" games like Overwatch and Fortnite. Just too stressful most of the time. GFL is rarely ever stressful even when solo admining on TTT so this is a good place to release stress.


For the most part I'm just going to be playing on ZE and not being too involved as before, or at least try to not be too involved. Hopefully my internet connection at home isn't complete shit since I haven't played there in a while, but if it is then my activity will drop during the summer and pick back up in the fall. 


Anyway, hello again everybody.


For those who don't know me here's some stuff about me:

  • Started playing GFL servers back in June 2012 on CSS ZE
  • On the CSS side: I helped populate CSS Jailbreak back when it was a thing and was a very active admin. 
  • On the GMod side: I've been a TTT admin since late 2013 after CSS JB died due to creative differences, and have always helped populate servers such as ZS, Breach, TTT #2, Prop Hunt, GMod deathrun, and some smaller ones. I'm admin on most of the GMod servers due to being trusted and even while being officially absent, I still help out here and there.
  • On the CSGO side: I was one of the first CSGO ZE admins back in December 2014(2015?) and played hundreds of hours to populate it. Was an admin on CSGO Minigames and deathrun for a while, I believe. CSGO ZE has always been my go to online home due to how much time I've invested into it and how familiar it all feels. TTT would be my 2nd home. I was the CSGO Dodgeball server manager for a while and tried to revive it before it was to be removed. Unfortunately due to poor timing, I had to resign to deal with my depression.
  • On the forums side: I was the first forum moderator back when that was a thing, and that carried a lot of trust. I did my job well and spent probably hundreds of hours making sure to delete spam and inappropriate content. I also wrote some useful guides and posts before some of the forum wipes and those were/are used still. I'm notorious for writing long posts if I truly believe in something. I also shitpost a lot. 
  • In general: I've had an impact in a lot of GFL and have always been trying to better it. I'm taking a step back from being too involved this time around since I have a lot more on my plate with upper division classes. When I'm an admin, I tend to be on the more strict side of things but as a player I blend in pretty well. I have an affinity for writing shitty parodies, taking things to their extreme, and writing strange stories. I'm always interested in finding more music and tend to be a very active forum user. Also, I was in the 1000 ban club before resets. I'm also very liberal leaning but I for the most part now stay away from political discussions. They tend to get too toxic and that's not something I need or want in my life. Just treat everyone with respect unless they personally do something to lose it. It ain't hard. The golden rule: Just don't be assholes.


Anyway, that's kind of a tl;dr about me. Glad to be back if only for this week before having to take a 3 month absence for the summer.

I'm happy to see a lot of familiar faces and not much has changed from the last time I was here it seems. I'm also really looking forward to meeting the new members.


If you're really lazy, here's the:


  • GFL member for 6 years and have been very active in the past with the highest rank being forum moderator back in the day. Not going to be this active this time around (or so I say, like every other time), and am just looking to take it easy on CSGO ZE. Nice to meet you if you're new or nice to see you again if you're not.

"Be good people"

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Posted  Edited by Major_Push
On 6/13/2018 at 6:05 AM, Joshy said:

Physics still?  It sounds like you've been doing well, and I hope you continue at it.

Math now.


I just don't feel like investing the time into Physics. I love it still but it's just too time consuming since it'll take another 6+ more years to get a PhD.


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"Be good people"

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Long time no see well on the forums I guess I still talk to you on steam here and there anyways take care my guy.

also you had a nice sig the line that no drama could cross, it's to bad that line has been broken :L

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