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MakeGFLGreatAgain Ban Appeal

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Name: Vice President Mike Pence on Steam, MakeGFLGreatAgain on GFL


Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:4178890


Banned by: Unknown, happened while I was not logged in


Ban reason: mass


Why you should be unbanned: I cannot recall a time I RDM'd three times. The only time I can think of anything that comes close was a detective round yesterday where I killed 3 people, two of which reported me and kept the reports. 

The first person ran by 1-2 un-ID'd bodies. They insisted all the bodies were ID'd when they reported me, but they were not ID'd and I ID'd them after killing the person. 

The second person said something that implied they could see MIA chat, like "there's only 3 people left". They were 3 people alive, but the scoreboard showed 4 people were alive. I had a radar, so I thought the person was t-baiting . They later clarified they had said that they were not counting me as detective. Upon reading the rules, I see that traitor baiting is described as shooting at or near players and what I killed him for was not what is described as t-baiting. 

The third person I killed, my only evidence for them was that I knew there were only two people left, me and him. I was a detective, so he had to be a traitor. The scoreboard showed 3 people were alive, because 1 body was un-ID', but I had a radar and knew he was the only one left besides me. 

Overall, my first and third kills were both following the rules. Rule #2 for KOSable actions is "walking by an unidentified body" and Rule #10 "You may use logic to determine who is a traitor". Mass RDMing is defined as 3 RDMs in 1 round, and I at most did 1. 

Of course, is this is not the incident that resulted me in me being banned, I would like to know what did. 

In my years of playing on GFL, I have only been slain for RDM a handful of times and my two karma bans were quickly reversed as they were acquired by being baited by RDMers. 

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26 minutes ago, TheClassyBandit said:

There are no bans under this steam ID. Try going onto a server and retrieving your steam ID from the leader/scoreboard. 

His steam id is STEAM_0:1:41788905


You were banned by @TheSadBandit. He should respond to this

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I'm not unbanning. From what I've heard from JB staff is that you've mass RDM'ed about 3 times in JB, I don't ban people without reason, so the ban stays. I couldn't load the logs for June 14 at 6pm, but if someone could, I could probably pull up the logs of it, and you said it yourself, you killed 3 innos, of which all 3 reported (from what I remember correctly). 


The only one "justified" to be a non-rdm kill is the first one, other than that you can't just kill someone because there's 3 people left and you know they are T with logic outside of game, as that would be considered sus. If I remember correctly though, that first one was the deciding factor of being banned or not, and the bodies were infact ID'ed, I mentioned it in chat a bit before I realized you weren't connected.


(The ban isn't staying because of what you did on JB, I could care less as it doesn't show on Sourcebans, but because you did in-fact rdm 3 people).

Former Gmod Prop Hunt Admin

Former Media Team Team Leader

Former Media Team GFX Member

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