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MakeGFLGreatAgain Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by MakeGFLGreatAgain

Name: Vice President Mike Pence on Steam, MakeGFLGreatAgain on GFL



Banned by: @TheSadBandit

Reason: Mass

Why you should be unbanned: I previously appealed this ban, but the admin misunderstood the entirety of what I wrote and used false information to justify the ban as seen here in my first post. Please read my first post on my first appeal and the admin's response. 

Admin first of all says that I have many RDMs on JB. I don't even know what JB means, but I will assume it means Jailbreak. I have never once played Jailbreak as far as I can remember, and the admin himself states there is no history of any bans for me,  so I am interested into where he is getting this information. 

Second, he claims I "said it myself" that I killed 3 innos. I never once said I killed 3 innos. In fact, it is impossible to conclude that I killed 3 innos because I stated the final kill was a 1v1 when I was a detective. 

 In my so-called "mass RDM round", I killed 2 traitors and 1 inno. A Traitor was killed for running past un-ID bodies and another traitor was killed as he and I were the last two alive, confirmed by the radar you can purchase in the detective store. The only RDM was when someone was in-text t-baiting, which I later learned is not KOSable. 
Even if I did kill 3 innos (which I did not), killing innos is not the equivalent of mass RDM. If an inno does a KOSable action, they can be KOS'd. 


The admin did not even bother to look at the round evidence before affirming my ban and I don't think he read my appeal either. 

Edited by MakeGFLGreatAgain

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Don't apply again after your appeal has been denied. This appeal is denied again. Stop creating posts, come back in a week.

Former Gmod Prop Hunt Admin

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