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How to get millions of coins in GFL Breach pointshop

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Hey guys! I know your all poor lo- I mean, great people, but you don't have that much money. And, I didn't, though I did something INSANE and got anough money to buy every single thing in the pointshop!





Step 1:


So, if you've been playing Breach as long as I have, you know how hard it is to get coins, and I know the struggle!

But, I found this insanely easy way to get SO many coins!




So firstly, you're going to want to have a discord. If you don't have a Discord, you must not have a computer, and if you don't have a computer how in the actual hell are you reading this?


Anyways, you have Discord. Now, once you've signed up and everything, you need to join the GFL Breach Discord.  And you may be saying things like " I don't know how to join! "


An answer to the question is: ' We don't care. '


Now, that your in, you want to go to the User List! This is where we will start to introduce pictures!


image.png.99900496715d4413e5a6cc4ca3855dd6.pngThis is the type of part you want to find!



Step 2:


Alright, now that you found the User List, you want to go to the top.


Now that your at the top, you want to click on the player " Xy "


If you did this correctly, your screen should look like this:




Now, if you did this correctly, click this weird picture of a cartoon animal, I don't understand what it is, but you get the point.


If you did this, you should see:




Now, once you find how to go here, you want to click the 3 little dots next to " Send Friend Request " and, under the word 'Block' click the word ' Message '


Now, this is the hard part.


Step 3:

Okay, so you did pretty much the easy part, now we do the hard part.


This is going to be a bit hard as you're going to have to try to move your way through this.


Now, once your starting to message this person, you want to threaten them, death threats, threaten anything. You need to do something like this:





Now, if you can threaten  this person until he has had anough, he will give you so many free coins!!! This method is insanely profitable and is pretty easy.

Well ,if you liked this guide/tutorial on how to get millions of coins!!




Though, I got arrested for doing this, not sure why tho lol, anyways, have fun having millions of coins!!

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7 minutes ago, Lean said:

does this work with csgo jb credits?

Well, if you want to do this with CS:GO Jailbreak Credits your going to have to find the director of the server. If you found the director of the server, your good to go! 

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