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How To: Working SCP-914 [Breach]

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Hello, fellow researchers! A few people around the office; *cough* Jim and Hal *cough* have been asking how to work SCP-914, so I've started a new little series on how to work mechanical SCP's! 


My camera guy here, is Opal, so you know.

So first, you want to find SCP-914, its in Light Containment, Sector A


So, open the gates an--



































Alright, so once YOU ACTUALLY GET IN THE DAMN ROOM, without any monsters, you want to head over to the main machine, SCP-914.


Now, this doo-hicky is a strange one. The panel on the front displays some modes.


There is INPUT, and OUTPUT.


Its self-explanitory, put something in and it comes out.

Look, if your apart of this foundation you should know what the damn thing is, so I'm skipping over this part.




So, I'm putting the machine on Fine, Fine will change your item into something significantly better.

Now, I'm a bad guy, and if I could, I'd go out smoking on Fridays, though I don't, you miss pizza day, your dead to me, or put my Keycard into 914 to change it to something better, but boy, if you do that your probably going to be sent to death, or in a chair with a machine around your femur.


So instead, I'm putting a baseball into SCP-914. Don't ask how I got this.


Alright! So, lets go back to the machine and toggle it.


Once we do that, both the doors close and we have to wait. Alright, its done. Opal, you ready for this? Alright. And it---


Opal move, what the hell is this?




Alright.. hehe. Thats all, yeah, Opal, turn the DAMN THING OFF-

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