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How To: Working SCP-1162 [Breach]

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Hello, friends! This is my 2nd episode of: How To! 


Now we are going to be doing: SCP-1162!


Its a whole in a wall, but theres alot more intresting things behind it!



So, I believe this is the containment cell. 





So, lets explore... this... insanely small damn room.



Alright, so lets just firstly see what this hole is about.









' What!? Do you need help!? I- '









These are... Night vision goggles? I pulled these out of that hole?


Let me put these back in......


Oh my...


' What? What is it!? '




Oh my god.


Opal, It's a Level 5 Keycard.


Do you know how much shit this can open!? We can open anything we want! Turn that off, we gotta go.

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