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How To: Working SCP-1123 [Breach] ; The Finale

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Alright, so this must be the door. I believe I can open it. 




' Don't you think we should read the document? '


Nah, we don't need to, Opal.



Alright, so lets see if I ca- Alright, we can.




Okay, so I guess this is the Skull.

You got this, Opal?


' Yeah, its recording. ' 






So. Its right here. So far, its literally just a skull, though shouldn't it be on that podium? Eh, anyways.


Let's see.....



* The door would open. *

" Oh my god, get away from that! "( A gaurd would say, running to the chamber. )




~ A big thump is heard, Opal quickly turns. ~ 





' Holy...shit '


Another gaurd enters the room. The other gaurd approaches Opal and gets his radio out.




" What in the actual hell were you doing!? You should've stopped him! " 


' I-I'm sorry? I... '


" This isn't something to be sorry about, HE IS FUCKING DEAD! "


' I... '


" Are you recording this? What are you doi- "








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