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Ban Appeal

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Your In-Game Name: Derpy Dawg

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:59622635 

Ban reason and Length: Permanent?

Admin That Banned You: Idk?

Appeal Reason: Tried to join zombie escape after a couple months of not playing, and i was perma banned, i dont remember being baned, and was not able to find my ban in the sourcebans, i really dont remember getting banned.

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Posted  Edited by rapperdan

Banned on Gmod fam



I'm not sure how the 4 previous bans was determined as I did filter by both steam id and IP and it only came back as one ban.


most likley a user error paired with an admin that does not exist anymore in sourcebans.

aka there sourcebans account was removed entirely.


ohhh yea the ban was made in 2014 that is why there is a lack of any records.

that is from the old database I'm shocked that your ban was even saved tbh.

Edited by rapperdan

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