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Posted  Edited by Aquaticfilly0 - Edit Reason: gotta tag the main guys

I was bored, so I made this. Comment more, cause I don't know the new TTT jokes. Here we go. Added, gotta tag the main men from these servers. @Violator @MilkMan and @Xy 


Breach inside jokes: 

Half the admins are furries and bronies


Get rid of senior admin to populate the server


Give Xy the good succ to get admin


Xy watches us in silence


Xy wishes he never accepted the current admin team :lenny: (He sees our admin chat conversations)



TTT inside jokes: 

I have a big dick






pray to Violator


Is the definition of Cancer


Girl admins are a bonus for Violator


he lives up to his name


Whole Milk is spoiled


Add Fx for nudes

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gotta tag the main guys

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1 hour ago, Astral Rogue said:

So does typing “quitsmoking” in console. 

It's actually "quit smoking" to make it work





@Ash-'s opinion on gmod: 






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